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Specializing in energy-efficient housing, coldrooms, freezers, composting sanitation and solar water heating. 


This building method was initially developed to combine a vast unskilled work force with the potential of local industry to supply high quality homes in great volumes. The resulting houses not only offer unbeatable thermal insulation but are completely weatherproof. With transport and building costs continuously rising Compu-Homes™ could well be the homes of the future. Our modular system has recently been adapted to the construction of coldrooms and freezers.

Our composting sanitation system was developed to meet the critical need for sanitation in areas where waterborne sewerage is lacking. It forms the first step in the thermophilic composting cycle where harmful pathogens are destroyed. Vital soil nutrients can now be safely returned to the ground as nutrient-rich, organic compost.
Sonsak™ Solar Water Heating

Sunshine provides warmth and energy to much of planet Earth throughout the year. Our inexpensive solar panels exploit this freely-available energy by utilizing a heat-exchanger to pre-heat cold water entering your geyser, thereby dramatically reducing your energy requirements.

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