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Compu-Homes SA (Pty) Ltd

Compu-Homes SA (Pty) Ltd

Compu-Homes SA (Pty) Ltd

Binlet™ Composting Sanitation System

    Binlet™ is the answer to the world's desperate need for an alternative to waterborne sanitation. Flushing one's excrements away is no longer an option, there simply isn't enough water. Few people know 1 - 2 million liters of fresh drinking water are required to flush 1,000 liters of humanure (human faecal material and urine).

    The waterless Binlet™ sanitation system is essentially a compact Vietnamese double septic bin, considered the biggest breakthrough in sanitation since World War 2 by the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Binlet™ meets an average family's sanitation needs and fulfils ALL WHO criteria relating to the safe disposal of human excrements. Adding carbon-rich materials and a special strain of bacteria ensure rapid decomposition.

    Download our Binlet™ brochure (PDF, 160kb).

    Some Important Binlet™ Characteristics:

    • Suitable for areas having a high water table;
    • Organic cover materials prevent offensive odours and flies;
    • Our 120 liter bin extends the period between emptying;
    • Spare bins allow for a 8-10 week retention* cycle before emptying;
    • The retention cycle prevents the handling of toxic freshly-covered excrements;
    • After 8-10 weeks the partly-decomposed contents can be emptied and thermophilically composted (see below).

Binlet™ has proven itself in the marketplace since 1993.

(*During the retention cycle the bins are sealed and the contents left untouched. Existing bacteria continue breaking down the contents leading to shrinking and a gradual change in appearance. Since no new material is added the contents is slowly rendered harmless)

Thermophilic Composting

    High toilet volumes justify the introduction of thermophilic composting ensuring the Human Nutrient Cycle is maintained: what comes from the ground returns to the ground.

    Thermophilic composting was recently introduced in a neighbouring country where almost 400 Binlet™ systems serve the sanitation needs of over 4,000 people. This is possibly the largest project of its kind worldwide.

    After the retention cycle humanure is mixed with organic ingredients and placed on a managed compost pile for several months. During this time bacterial action converts the mixture into rich organic compost.

    Our consultants are available to assist in the planning of a managed thermophilic composting operation. Please enquire.

School Toilets:

    • We can provide permanent sanitation solutions at schools and other locations where high usage volumes render the conventional Binlet™ sanitation system unsuitable. Please enquire

Business Opportunity:

    • We are seeking investors to finance a large-scale thermophilic composting operation where humanure is converted into nutrient-rich organic compost. This technology will then be exported to other parts of the world where water-borne sanitation is no longer an option. Please enquire.

Manufacturing Binlet™ Under Licence

    • High freight costs raise the global price of our Binlet™ system to unaffordable levels. To benefit the planet we will be making our Binlet™ concept available to international clients under licence, allowing the Binlet™ system to be produced locally at an affordable price. Please enquire.
Download our Binlet™ brochure (PDF, 160kb)